How to use the Charts

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Buy-Sell Signal 1

If you find a Positive Divergence in 5 days chart Buy when MACD histogram crosses above 0 line. Similarly if you find a Negative Divergence Sell when MACD histogram crosses below 0 line.

Buy-Sell Signal 2

Buy when 70 EMA moves above 1030 EMA. Sell when 70 EMA moves below 1030 EMA.

Use RSI for best entry.


When 13 EMA > 34EMA > 55 EMA.

RSI above 50 is bullish.


When 55 EMA > 34 EMA > 13 EMA

RSI below 50 is bearish.

Over Bought and Over Sold

When Stochastics is above 80, the market is over bought.

When Stochastics is below 20, the market is over Sold.

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